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Bluettes Premium Heavy Duty Gloves

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5080M-S Bluettes Premium Heavy Duty Gloves
Size: Medium
5090L-S Bluettes Premium Heavy Duty Gloves
Size: Large

Bluettes Premium Gloves by Spontex are America's #1 all-purpose gloves! Now latex-free, Bluettes out-perform ordinary latex gloves 5 to 1. These extremely durable gloves are made with pure neoprene on the outside to handle the toughest jobs, and lined with 100% cotton jersey for maximum perspiration-absorbing comfort. Non-slip grip & chemical resistant. Puncture resistant & abrasion resistant. Hot water protection & maximum comfort. Machine washable & extremely flexible.

Sizes: 6 to 6½ (Small) 7 to 7½ (Medium)8 to 8½ (Large)

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