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FR-32 B.O.B. Odor Eliminator
Size: 32 oz.
FR-128 B.O.B. Odor Eliminator
Size: 1 gal.

B.O.B. Odor Eliminator removes odors on contact. Safe for all surfaces and fabrics. Contains no man-made chemicals, no enzymes, no alcohol, masking agents or perfumes! It's hypoallergenic and PH neutral.

Tested for use on: Costumes, Uniforms and Props. Mascot and Theme Park Costumes. Shoes, Sneakers, Footwear. Street Clothing, Gloves, Socks. Hats, Caps, Helmets, Headwear. Body Armor, Vests, Backpacks. Props of all types - Rubber, Neoprene, Resins, Latex, Foam, Leather & more.

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