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73322 Esquire Instant Color Dye

Color: Violet
$5.95 $2.99
73332 Esquire Instant Color Dye Out of stock in Burgundy

Color: Burgundy
$5.95 $2.99
73340 Esquire Instant Color Dye

Color: Pink
$5.95 $2.99
73343 Esquire Instant Color Dye

Color: Turquoise
$5.95 $2.99

Esquire's Instant Color Dye comes packaged in 1oz. containers with 1oz. cleaner and applicator sponge included. Check out our colors below, select each one of your choice and the number of bottles you'd like and hit 'Add to Cart' at the bottom when you're ready.

  • 1oz. bottle dye
  • 1oz. bottle cleaner

On Sale $2.99 a bottle while quantities last

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