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FPDRP-WHT Flint Plus Lint Roller
Color: White
FPDBH-GRY Flint Plus Lint Roller Out of stock in Gray
Color: Gray
FPDRP-YLW Flint Plus Lint Roller
Color: Yellow
FPDRP-RED Flint Plus Lint Roller
Color: Red
FPDRP-SAP Flint Plus Lint Roller Only 1 left in stock.
Color: Sapphire
FPDBH-LBL Flint Plus Lint Roller Only 2 left in stock.
Color: Light Blue
FPRRP-WHT Flint Plus Lint Roller
Color: Plus Refill
  1. Flint Plus Lint Roller-White by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  2. Flint Plus Lint Roller-Gray by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  3. Flint Plus Lint Roller-Yellow by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  4. Flint Plus Lint Roller-Red by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  5. Flint Plus Lint Roller-Sapphire by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  6. Flint Plus Lint Roller-Light Blue by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  7. Flint Plus Lint Roller by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

This ingenious, plus-sized lint roller & case in one helps keep your clothes and costumes looking sharp! Importantly, it's retractable, refillable and recyclable. A simple twist retracts the Flint Shield to expose the roller. When done, twist again and it closes, keeping the roller clean until the next use. You'll wonder how you ever lived without it. 70 super-sticky sheets per roll. Easy to refill!

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