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Household Essentials Cedar & Lavender Sachet

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Warm cedar shavings and cool lavender sachet fragrantly fill these timeless cotton draw-string sachets to bring you a subtle and powerful combination that naturally protects as it freshens. Rich and aromatic cedar absorbs odors and repels moths, mildew, and mustiness, while gentle lavender subtly enhances and compliments cedar's warmer notes. Toss a sachet into your stored luggage. Slip another in among your seasonal wear and delicates without fear of snagging or tearing delicate fabrics. Hang a couple in your closet or under the bathroom sink. Deter pests and staleness in every cubby in your home simply, effortlessly, and fragrantly with a Cedar and Lavender Sachet.

  • Cotton draw-string pouch filled with 100% natural red cedar shavings and natural lavender.
  • 5”h x 3.5”w x 2.5”d
  • 9cm x 6.4cm

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