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Household Essentials Travel Jewelry Case (Black)

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06904 Household Essentials Travel Jewelry Case (Black) $11.99

Keep your favorite jewelry organized and tangle-free while you are traveling or on the go with a household essentials travel jewelry case. It's lightweight design allows you to grab it and go. It's ready to go as soon as you are.

Household Essentials jewelry case is ideal for travelers and those in need of a portable, jewelry-friendly carrying case. It is also perfect for storing eye glasses and watches.

  • Full-length, lined pouch has 6 zippered pockets
  • Each pocket is double padded for added protection
  • Nylon lining keeps jewelry from scratching
  • Hook and loop straps for versatile storage

- Opens to 11¼" x 9¼"

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How to Use a Travel Jewelry Case

  1. Unfold the carrying case
  2. Place your jewelry into whichever of the many slot options available. Notice that there are spaces designed specifically for necklaces, bracelets and rings as well as pockets for whatever else you might have
  3. Fold up the case as soon as you are ready to go and be on your way!

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