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OUT Jao Brand OutScent $50.00

In summer: a scent to wear outdoors. In winter: a scent to bring the outdoors in. Grapefruit, fir needle, patchouli and other wood oils round out this super fresh scent. Outscent™ blends well with other scents you might be wearing, especially jasmine or sandalwood.

Spritz on coats, scarfs and dark colored sweaters in the winter. Wear as a light uplifting scent in summer. For use as a bug repellant, spray on skin or perhaps a kerchief tied around your head or neck on a hike.

50ml/1.75fl oz Ingredients: SDA 40B alcohol (from corn), essential oils, and water.

• Essential Oil Parfum

• Insect Repellant Blend

• Citrusy, Woodsy, Earthy, Complex, Pure

• A Feminine/Masculine Scent

• No Synthetic Fragrances Used

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