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200B-1 Masking Tape Out of stock in Black, 1"
Color: Black, Size: 1"
200B-2 Masking Tape
Color: Black, Size: 2"
200-1 Masking Tape
Color: Natural, Size: 1"
200-2 Masking Tape
Color: Natural, Size: 2"

Strong, general-purpose tape is ideal for a variety of uses, such as painting, protecting, sealing, holding, light bundling, packaging, splicing, masking, and labeling for home, school and industry. Black masking tape is a crepe paper masking tape with medium adhesion. The adhesive is formulated for easy release and has good adhesion to a variety of substrates. It is good for color coding, marking, packaging, bundling, holding, binding, splicing, labeling, banding, decorating and identifying.

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