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PERMAG-CL Perma Grime - 32 oz

Color: Clear
PERMAG-YEL Perma Grime - 32 oz
Color: Yellow
PERMAG-BRN Perma Grime - 32 oz Out of stock in Brown
Color: Brown
PERMAG-GRN Perma Grime - 32 oz
Color: Green
PERMAG-BL Perma Grime - 32 oz
Color: Black
  1. Perma Grime - 32 oz-Clear by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  2. Perma Grime - 32 oz-Yellow by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  3. Perma Grime - 32 oz-Brown by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  4. Perma Grime - 32 oz-Green by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply
  5. Perma Grime - 32 oz-Black by Manhattan Wardrobe Supply

Perma-Grime is the newest edition to the Perma-Products family. Perma-Grime gives you all of the great features you have come to love from our Perma-Blood in exciting new colors. Use Perma-Grime to add detail to any scene and know that the finished product will dry glossy, flexible, and waterproof on most surfaces. Choose from green, brown, black, yellow, or clear to get just the look you want or mix the colors together to completely customize the look.

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