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Sole Kings ¾-Length Insole (One Size)

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SK-INSOLE Sole Kings ¾-Length Insole (One Size) Only 1 left in stock. $9.50

One Pair/One Size; these Sole Kings 3/4 Length Insoles offer heel and arch support.

Cupron kills odor causing bacteria permanently with safe and non toxic copper technology. Copper's antimicrobial properties have been used throughout history: The ancient Greeks and Egyptians used the antimicrobial power of copper to purify water.

Naturally eliminates 99.9% of the growth of bacteria and fungi that attack shoes- extends the life of shoes. Sorbtek permanent moisture management keeps feet cool, dry and comfortable. The Catch, Move and Release Technology captures moisture, moves it away and releases it for speedy evaporation. Poron offers the highest degree of shock absorption for long-lasting comfort and continuous support.

  • Helps prevent calluses from forming
  • Protects bones and tissue, and supports the heel, arch and lower back
  • Length allows toes to move freely and fits easily in shoe
  • Royal flush fit... unique "invisible" edge conforms to the shape of the shoe and foot- Unique virtual arch provides customized support

Directions: Remove adhesive backing- Apply directly in shoe, making sure heel area is against back of shoe- Can be cleaned with mild soap and water

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