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SSTR-WM Toe Box Stretcher Out of stock in Women's Medium (size 5½ - 8)
Size: Women's Medium (size 5½ - 8)
SSTR-WL Toe Box Stretcher
Size: Women's Large (size 8½ - up)
SSTR-MM Toe Box Stretcher
Size: Men's Medium (size 5½ - 10)
SSTR-ML Toe Box Stretcher
Size: Men's Large (size 10½ - 12)

The toe box stretcher is designed to stretch the toe area of a shoe, helping relieve irritation caused by hammertoes, bunions, overlapping toes and other sensitive foot conditions. Lifts the toe area, giving the toes more room to move freely. Helps reduce corns and calluses by reducing the friction caused by toes that are too tight in the toe box. Stretch to maintain the fit you want, or with new shoes, eliminate the break-in period. Professional quality

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