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Wine Away Red Wine Stain Emergency Kit

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66010-CD Wine Away Red Wine Stain Emergency Kit $7.99

"WINE AWAY MAKES RED WINE STAINS DISAPPEAR," says Food & Wine Magazine! Of all the stains to remove, red wine stains are some of the most difficult. But, thankfully, Wine Away red wine stain remover can help you conquer the problem. Wine Away effectively removes most red wine stains from carpet and fabric - without bleach or phosphates.

Wine Away has been tested and recommended by the Good Housekeeping Institute, and other national magazines such as Food & Wine, Gourmet, First for Women, InStyle, and Modern Bride. Wine Away also received a write-up in the Washington Post and was included in another Good Housekeeping stain removal guide for 2004.

Available in a convenient 2 ct. red wine stain remover kit, or purse size size.

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