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Wonderflex® - 43" x 55" Sheet

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WFLEX Wonderflex® - 43" x 55" Sheet $59.99

Often referred to as a replacement for "Celastic," Wonderflex is a heat activated composite material (with its own adhesive!) that can easily be molded or formed once it's been heated. Though it's incredibly lightweight, it also has amazing strength and flexibility. And it can be easily painted wtih a number of gessos, bondo, artisan coatings and paints. It's perfect for everything from masks and props to scenic materials, ornamental effects and sub-structures.

Moreover, you should reach for the Wonderflex® when you need to make quick repairs or modifications. This is because it's so tough and has the ability to be molded into any shape or thickness. It can be activated with a hot air gun, microwave, oven or even hot water. You might need to reheat repeatedly to achieve additional foaming. Wonderflex® can be adhered to most porous materials such as fabric, foams, paper, wood and Fosshape®. It can be cut using scissors or a utility knife. And it works well either with or without molds.

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