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Worbla Thermoplastic-39"x59"

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WORBLA Worbla Thermoplastic-39"x59"
Type: Original
WORBLA-CLEAR Worbla Thermoplastic-39"x59"
Type: Transparent (Clear)
WORBLA-BLA Worbla Thermoplastic-39"x59"
Type: Black
WORBLA-MESH Worbla Thermoplastic-39"x59"
Type: Mesh

An incredibly versatile product, Worbla Thermoplastic is the ideal modeling material to use when constructing costumes. No matter if you're making a mask, armor or creating a detailed surface, you'll love how easy Thermoplastic is to work with. Indeed, it hardens quickly, is sandable and, thanks to extra glue (on the shiny side), it's quite easy to attach additional components if needed. Moreover, there's no waste with this product! After all, scraps can be conditioned and 100% re-blended. Importantly, it's also made from heat-formable and solvent-free material. And you can even use all kinds of effect acrylics and spray-paints. Note: a plastic primer or other base coat should be applied if you want to achieve a smooth finish.

Manhattan Wardobe Supply is also pleased to highlight the fact that, in addition to the original, we're now carrying black Warbla as well as the new transparent Thermoplastic. Similar to the original, the transparent is especially great for creating eye-wear, visors and invisible foundations. Finally, we also have Worbla Mesh which features the strength and tear resistance of Wonderflex and yet is a cleaner, easier product.

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