Richard's Homewares Spinning Tie Hanger

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Organize your ties and belts in a way that makes it beautifully simple to find the one you want to wear for that day. Keep them all in one place and never worry about them slipping off of a hanger and falling to the ground. Your belts won't develop creases or bends from being coiled up.

Spinning belt tie hanger by Richards Homewares. Designed to provide speedy, low profile access to your ties and belts.

This product is constructed of blonde hardwood with chrome spokes.

8.25" x 8.25" x 8"

1. Pick your favorite ties and lay them out on a flat surface

2. Begin loading your ties onto the spinning part of the tie hanger, making sure to place the second one opposite of the first and the third between the two with the fourth across from the third in a criss-cross fashion. If you load up too many ties on one side of the spinner, it falls out of balance and your ties will fall to the ground.

3. That's it! Move your spinner to your closet and you are good to go.

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