Spenco® 2nd Skin Cut Control Dressing

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The Spenco 2nd Skin Self-Sealing Cut Closure is a Smart Foam product that is useful in the management of minor wounds whose edges should be held together for protection. Paper cuts and non-serious cuts that result from the handling of sharp objects are ideally treated with the Self-Sealing Cut Closures. Contains 3 strips of elastic smart foam, covered by a thin transparent breathable film.

The strips provide the elastic strength necessary to close minor gashes and hold the edges of the wound together. The film allows the wound to be protected from the environment and keeps the wound moisture level at an optimum, allowing the wound to heal more naturally; the progress of wound healing can be easily monitored through the top film. The foam strips, as well as the covering film, will adhere aggressively to dry skin. Depending on the length of the cut, more than one dressing may be used to hold the edges of the cut together.- Breathable Film Cover: Will hold the edges of the wound together, helps prevent ingress of dirt- Helps allow new tissue to form easily across the closed wound and maintains an optimum moist environment- Ultra-thin Transparent Film: Bends and flexes as you move and the wound healing progress is easily monitored- Smart Foam: The Strips provide the elastic strength necessary to close minor gashes- Helps protect delicate wound tissue.
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