W.M. Creations

W M Creations Scab Material 1oz

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  • The basics

    A Pigmented, Silicone Based Liquid used to build up 3 dimensional injury effects. 

  • The benefits

    All four colors may be used with each other to achieve realistic scabs, scratches, lacerations and skin irritations. 

  • The uses

    Light - A light Red color used on lighter skin colors as a fresh Scab or Laceration. (New Scab Simulation)

    Medium - A medium Red color most commonly used to create Scabs. (2 Day Old Scab Simulation)

    Dark - A dark Red color used with the light and medium colors accentuate depth in a Scab or Laceration. (1 Week Old Scab Simulation)

    Brown - Used to create an old Scar. (Old Scab)

  • The bottom line

    Create realistic, 3-dimensional scabs, lacerations and skin irritations.

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