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MWS Pro Beauty is the destination for all of your makeup needs. From high end cosmetics to the premiere special FX products, our inventory is indispensable to professionals and makeup enthusiasts alike!
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No matter if you’re striving for a sexy bedhead look or you need to create a theatrical wig, MWS Pro Beauty has you covered. Our wide range of top-of-the-line products are sure to leave you with luscious locks.
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Hangers & Storage

If you’re in need of wardrobe solutions, look no further than our “Hangers and Storage” section! It’s replete with items that will guarantee you stay organized whenever you’re on set or on the road.
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It’s all too easy to pop a button or a seam, especially right before shooting a pivotal scene. Manhattan Wardrobe Supply’s sewing section has all the tools you need for quick repairs and instant fixes!
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Get down and dirty with Manhattan Wardrobe Supply’s amazing selection of distressing products. We have everything you need to (purposely) sully clothes and costumes and stay safe while doing so.
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Manhattan Wardrobe Supply understands that sometimes you might require a boost, some extra protection, etc. You can rest assured that the products in our intimates section will meet your needs…discreetly.
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Shoe & Foot

Regardless of whether you have a pair of beloved Louboutin’s or some sweet Air Jordan’s, Manhattan Wardrobe Supply carries all the essentials necessary to keep them looking brand new and on point!
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Both professional artists and fervent DIY’ers are sure to fall in love with our “Crafts” section! With everything from fabric dyes to cheesecloth, we’ll help you see your project through to fruition.
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We here at Manhattan Wardrobe Supply understand what it takes to keep clothing and costumes fresh. And our expansive array of products ensure that regardless of stains and stresses, they’ll be ready to wear.
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Manhattan Wardrobe Supply wants to help ensure that you’ll be prepared no matter what happens on set. Take a peek at the items that fall under the “Essentials” banner and see if you’re fully equipped!
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