Our Story

Our Journey From Stage To Store

On a late night film shoot, Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton and Tommy Boyer overheard a wardrobe stylist say, “I’m getting too old for this.”

The remark opened a conversation about creating the one-stop-shop of their dreams: a place with everything a Costume Professional or Fashion Stylist would ever need, whether for film, tv, the stage or circus. Working on apple boxes in the back of the wardrobe truck while filming “You’ve Got Mail”, they wrote the business plan that would become Manhattan Wardrobe Supply. No longer would valuable time and manpower be lost going from store to store for thread, detergents, hangers etc.; one call or visit to MWS and your shopping list would be satisfied.

One month later on August 1, 1998, the doors of MWS officially opened. While it initially only housed four bookshelves, a single desk and computer, it was the start of Cheryl and Tommy’s dream.

Today, MWS is housed in the same building at 245 West 29th Street — except instead of taking up 300 square feet, it now occupies an entire floor and a half. 6,000 square feet on the 8th floor for everything a costumer or wardrobe stylist could want. Another 3,000 square feet dedicated to MWS Pro Beauty, catering to hair and makeup professionals since 2014.

While MWS had always carried makeup and hair products, the demand for a broader selection grew. So, Cheryl and Tommy sought the help of Mindy Hall, an Academy Award winning makeup artist, to serve as MWS Pro Beauty’s product and visual consultant.

As the preeminent purveyor of professional hair, makeup and wardrobe care products for film production, TV, circus, Broadway, Las Vegas, dance schools, stylists and college theater and dance programs around the globe, MWS continues to offer great customer service and a “one stop shopping” experience.

This is what Cheryl and Tommy dreamed of—and they got it by listening to their customers, providing great customer service, and creating a truly inspirational “one stop shopping” experience.

Cheryl Kilbourne-Kimpton

After graduate studies at Florida State University, Cheryl headed to Atlanta where she worked in Theater and as a stylist for commercials and print, eventually segueing to film work in 1978. She took the plunge into the New York market in 1987. Quickly, she assimilated and was soon a sought after Costumer and Costume Supervisor. Today, Cheryl has reined in her 30-year film career to devote all of her time to fine tuning MWS.

Tommy Boyer

A singer and dancer, Tommy seamlessly transitioned into being a Star Dresser on Broadway. Enjoying the challenges and security the wardrobe department offered, Tommy hung up his dance shoes. In 1989, he started in film and rose through the ranks from Costumer to Wardrobe Supervisor. Since MWS opened, Tommy has given up his career as a wardrobe supervisor, but he continues to be a key member of Richard Gere’s team as a star dresser.