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What is Activewear Mate?
Activewear Mate is a gentle one-step wash that cleans, conditions, and deodorizes in just 3 minutes. This unique, patented formula also strengthens and softens synthetic fibers to prolong wear life. Activewear Mate effectively neutralizes the harmful effects of chlorine and perspiration. Activewear Mate also eliminates static cling and preserves elasticity and color. You will love the silkier feel and citrus scent of your cleaner, fresher garments after this treatment.

What will it clean?
Try Activewear Mate on swimwear, bike shorts, hats, dancewear, tennis gear, wet suits, support braces, leotards, tights, golf shirts, sweat bands, running shorts, synthetic basketball and baseball uniforms, biker shirts, boxers, crop tops, diving suits, exercise outfits, football uniforms, hockey outfits, polo shirts, running suits, school athletic uniforms, swimwear, tennis skirts and more…. It is effective for hand or machine washing most synthetic fabrics, blends, and cotton fabrics.

How does it work?
Adding Activewear Mate to water releases an emulsified resin polymer that electrostatically bonds to the fibers. It creates a protective coating while allowing the mild detergent system to lift out soil and perspiration. The soil is then kept in suspension and removed in the water, rather than re-deposited onto the garment- so each garment comes out clean. Rinsing is unnecessary.

Why a special wash for active wear?
Each time you launder your synthetic active wear with soap or detergent, especially in a washing machine, the fibers deteriorate. Weakened fibers are more susceptible to snags, sagging and tears.

Activewear Mate Washing Instructions


Hand Wash:
Pour four capfuls or one ounce of Activewear Mate® into one gallon of warm water. Swish garment gently. Soak for three minutes. Squeeze out excess moisture. No need to rinse. Follow drying instructions on garment label. 

Machine Wash:
Add four ounces of Activewear Mate® to a small load. Use warm water. HE machine approved. 

Stain Removal:
Apply directly to stain and rub. Soak in Activewear Mate overnight. Repeat if necessary. Caution: Air dry only, dryers will cause stains to set. 

Activewear Mate® contains no phosphates, bleach or dyes. Gentle for you and the planet.

Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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