Blinc Micro Trimmer

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  • The basics

    Remove unwanted hair safely, quickly and easily with the blinc micro trimmer.

  • The benefits

    The blinc eyebrow trimmer contains a custom dual-sided adapter to allow for trimming at two different lengths.

  • The uses

    Designed specifically to trim and shape eyebrows with extreme precision.

  • The bottom line

    With the Blinc Micro Trimmer, you can easily trim and shape your eyebrows.

When using the adapter, make sure the device remains off while you slide it onto the trimmer head.

Be sure to trim your eyebrows in the direction against its natural growing trend, slowly moving the blade from the tip of the eyebrow to the opposite end.

When dealing with any stray or unwanted hairs, use the trimmer sans adapter and gently trim using short, controlled strokes.

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