Prym Dritz

Dritz Bra Strap Hooks

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  • The basics

    Dritz swimsuit bra hooks for swimsuit tops and lingerie.

  • The uses

    Quickly and easily replace broken swim suit, bra, or lingerie hooks with these simple-to-use replacement bra strap hooks.

  • The bottom line

    These bra strap hooks are available in 1/2" black or clear or 3/4" and 1" in clear only.

How to Use Bra Strap Hooks

1. (If applicable) Remove existing hook from fabric

2. Unstitch the closed end of the swimsuit or lingerie top

3. Loop the now unstitched strap through the closed side of the hook, sewing it back on itself

4. After making sure that the new swim suit hook is fastened securely in place, join or separate the two fabric straps by looping the existing strap over the open end of the hook

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