Commercial Accounts

What companies are eligible to open an account?

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply opens accounts for theatrical entities which include the following:

  • Theatre Productions including Opera and Ballet
  • Motion Picures
  • Television including Cable and Streaming
  • Regional Theaters
  • Circus Productions
  • Cruise Lines
  • Theatrical or Art Departments in schools including High School, Undergraduate and Graduate programs
What Companies are not eligible to open and account?

Manhattan Wardrobe Supply does not open an account for Stores, Manufacturers, Magazines/Newspapers or Individuals.

What Paperwork needs to be filled out?

The following paperwork needs to be filled out completely including email and phone number of all authorized buyers before we can open your account. Please download these fillable PDF documents, fill out and sign, and then email back to you are tax exempt we must have the tax-exempt certificate before we open the account. We will notify you by email once the account is open.

What we will send you.

When the account is opened we will send you our current W-9.