Flat Skirt Hook - Brass - 5/8" - 1 Gross

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  • The basics

    Flat skirt hooks are specifically for keeping skirts and pants fastened.

  • The benefits

    Sturdier than regular hooks and eyes, and designed to lay flatter resulting in a cleaner and less bulky look overall.

  • The uses

    Easy to sew, these are half of a set when combined with matching skirt eyes. Eyes sold separately.

  • The bottom line

    This package includes 1 gross (144 pieces). Sold in silver or black.

1. Place hook along inner side of clothing, with the hook towards the edge to be fastened

2. Sew hook into place, making sure that all edges are secured to the fabric

3. Place and sew a matching eye along the adjacent piece of fabric, with the eye alongside the hook

4. Once finished, slide the hook and eye together to fasten or unfasten the two pieces of fabric

Great for all pieces of fabric, including pants, shirts and skirts.

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