European Body Art

EBA Encore Palette - SKT Dark w/ Adjusters

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  • The basics

    This makeup palette from European Body Art comes with 4 adjusters and 6 colors that cover medium to dark skin tones. More specifically, there are three cool colors (red) and three warm colors (yellow/olive). These all blend easily with other shades. Additionally, the adjusters come in the following colors: yellow oxide, red oxide, burnt sienna and deep blue. And these can be used as either color correctors or concealers.

  • The benefits

    Armed with a detachable mixing plate (easily cradled in an artist’s palm), the palettes are equipped with magnetic platforms that can hold up to ten interchangeable pans with colors of the users choosing.

  • The uses

    Gives artists the ability to seamlessly blend color, layer and provide coverage no matter if applications include foam, latex, skin or silicon.

  • The bottom line

    Encore alcohol palettes promise to be exceedingly durable. And the magnetic design means that artists won’t face boundaries when reordering or customizing individual refills. Every refill is dry, hence ready to use. This lets artists both stock up on and restock popular colors.

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