Kryolan Hair Color Spray Aerosol-3.5 oz

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This product is flammable, and can't be shipped by air.

  • The Basics

    If you’re looking to quickly change hair color or add some highlights to your tips, consider using Kryolan Hair Color Spray.  

  • The Uses

    Covers both natural hair and wigs.

  • The Advantages

    The spray can easily be shampooed out.

  • The Pro Tip

    Amount needed depends on hair length and color contrast. However, you'll typically need one full can for total coverage.

  • The Specs

    Available in a wide variety of both vivid and natural tones.

When using Kryolan Color Spray, you should hold the can at a distance of roughly 12”. The spray can be removed simply by using some shampoo and warm water.

If you’re considering using it on either dyed or bleached hair, a suitability test is recommended prior to the first application.

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