Model Bag

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  • The basics

    This wardrobe Model Bag is made of durable clear plastic and can be reused repeatedly.

  • The benefits

    It has a heavy duty metal grommet near the top and 4 pockets.

  • The uses

    - The small pocket (top left) can hold a 3x5 card with the performer's name. The card can slip in and out easily, making it a good place for notations and last minute instructions such as occasion, scene or line up number.

    - The pocket (top right) with the flap can be used for tags - such as price tags, fabric contents, washing instructions, etc.

    - The larger pocket (bottom front) with the flap is for small accessories - such as jewelry, small scarves, hair accessories, etc.

    - The largest pocket (behind the three smaller ones) is for larger accessories & props - such as hats, caps, gloves, belts, mittens, goggles, sun glasses, hosiery, slippers, small purses, fans, feathers, confetti and other props! This pocket is open at the top making it easy to slip items in and out as well as extend above the bag if necessary.

How to Use a Model Bag

1. Read the item description to find out what each pocket is designed for.

2. Insert your wardrobe or outfit into the bag, making sure it is hanging tall without any unwanted folds or creases.

3. Close the bag before filling the pockets.

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