Plastic Skirt Hanger - Clear - 14"

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This clear, plastic skirt hanger is the perfect closet accessory.

The strong clips are made with reinforced vinyl which ensure that they're more reliable than most standard, metal ones.

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How to Use a Clear Plastic Skirt Hanger

1. Put the clothing on a flat surface. Tables our counter tops are perfect for this

2. Make sure it is free of all unwanted wrinkles, folds or creases

3. For tops, begin by feeding one end of the hanger through the collar and into one of the sleeves. For pants or other bottoms, simply fold them in half and feed them through the center of the hanger, making sure they are evenly draped on either side of the hanger

4. For tops again, feed the second end of the hanger through the collar and into the second sleeve.

5. Hold the hanger in the air, making sure the clothing is securely held up by the hanger

6. Move the hanger to your wardrobe and start saving space!

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