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PPI Necessary Evil Mouth FX

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  • The basics

    PPI Necessary Evil Mouth FX is a temporary mouth and tooth FX makeup designed to color the inside of the mouth and teeth safely and effectively. 

  • The benefits

    Made entirely of FDA food grade ingredients, has a sweet vanilla-mint flavor, and is vegan, gluten-free, peanut-free, sugar-free and cruelty-free. 

  • The colors

    Pitch Black - is great for blacking out mouths and adding very dramatic dark pigment.

    Down Brown - is a very grotesque shade of brown, ideal for zombies, pirates, or any character down on their luck.

    Feeling Blue - is ideal for aliens, mutants, and frozen effects. Can be combined with Blood Red to make a disturbing purple color, or Yuck Yellow to create a nasty Green.

    Blood Red - is ideal for blood effects in and near the mouth.

    Yuck Yellow - is a gruesome yellow with a touch of brown. It can be thinned down to create realistic discoloration of the teeth and gums or used in concentration to create a very bold diseased look.

  • The bottom line

    The 5 colors are sold individually or as a set (Includes carrying case and carabiner clip). Colors can be combined to create other shades and colors.

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