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Reel Creations Color Palette-Fleshtone-Dark

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  • The basics

    The Fleshtone Dark Palette from Reel Creations allows artists to easily cover-up tattoos, scars, bruises, etc. 

  • The benefits

    The colors in this palette are waterproof and require very little or no touching up.

  • The uses

    This palette is aimed at darker skin-tones.

  • The bottom line

    Activate with recommended activator or 99% Alcohol and spray over the colors to activate them or rehydrating during use.  Can be applied with a brush or stipple sponge.

This makeup dries quickly. You'll want to use powder over it to achieve an "under the skin" look. Additionally, for wet or shiny skin effects, apply glycerin or water once the ink is dry. DO NOT use any oil or oil based products over it or you will run the risk degrading the color application.

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