Rit Dye More Synthetic Liquid Dye-7 oz

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  • The basics

    Rit Dye More Synthetic Liquid Dye is specially formulated for dying nylon, acrylic, acetate, polyester and/or cotton-poly blends.

  • The pro tip

    When using Rit, the stove top dye method is recommended.

  • The uses

    The seven ounce bottle provides enough dye for up to ten shirts.

  • The bottom line

    And like the original formula, DyeMore is non-toxic and perfect for use in the home.

  1. To determine how much dye is needed, weigh the item on a food scale or estimate the weight. As a general guideline, one bottle of Rit will color up to two pounds of dry weight fabric. For very light or very dark colors, we recommend using more dye. Generally we recommended starting with one bottle of dye when dyeing synthetics but you should use two bottles when dyeing dark colors, especially when dyeing polyester.

  2. Pre-wash item in warm, soapy water. This helps to remove any finishes that may interfere with dye absorption.

DYE PREPARATION: When dyeing synthetic fabrics, always use the Stove Top method of dyeing. This will ensure a high, steady temperature (about 180F or just below boiling), which is needed to dye synthetics. Fill cook pot with 3 gallons hot tap water. Cover pot and heat water to almost boiling.

  1. When water begins to simmer, add one bottle of DyeMore (shake bottle before pouring) and a squirt of dish washing liquid (about 1 teaspoon). Stir well with a large spoon.

  2. To test color, dip a scrap of white cotton fabric or a paper towel in the dye bath. If color is too light, add more dye. If color is too dark, add more water.

  3. Wearing rubber gloves, immerse wet item in dye bath. Stir slowly and continuously for 30 minutes (the first 10 minutes are the most critical). Use tongs to help lift and move around the fabric. Stirring helps to ensure an even color with no splotches. Keep temperature at a low simmer. Item can remain in dye bath for up to one hour. When dyeing polyester, keeping the fabric in the dye bath for at least 30 minutes is essential for ensuring that the color takes fully and does not wash out when rinsed, even if fabric appears to have reached the desired color in less time. Other materials like nylon can be removed from the dyebath when they’ve achieved the desired color.

  4. When satisfied with the color, remove the item from the dye bath. (Remember the color appears lighter when dry.) Squeeze out excess dye. Rinse item in warm water (then gradually cooler water) until water begins to run clear. Then wash in warm, soapy water and rinse. Wrap in an old towel to remove excess moisture. Hang to dry.

For Dyeing Buttons, Beads and Legos

Items, such as beads, buttons and legos, can be heat-sensitive so we recommend dyeing in a small container. This is a modified Bucket method.

  1. Heat 4 cups of water in a pot or teapot on the stove until it boils. Remove water and pour into a container. Add ½ cup dye to the water; stir well. Immerse items into the dye bath. Stir and let set 2 to 5 minutes or until desired color is achieved, up to 30 minutes.

  2. Remove items from the dye bath. Rinse and then wash in warm soapy water. Rinse again and dry on paper towels.

For Hard To Dye Heat-Sensitive Items

  1. Another option is to heat 4 cups water in a pot on the stove; add ½ cup dye and stir well. Immerse items in dye bath and bring to a simmer for 1 to 2 minutes, stirring continuously. Then remove pot from stove and let items set until desired color is achieved. Caution: Items must be watched carefully because heat-sensitive items can begin to melt.

  2. Remove items from the dye bath. Rinse and then wash in warm soapy water. Rinse again and dry on paper towels.

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