Steel Diaper Pin Rod

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Use this 14" diaper pin rod to connect chrome hangers that have "salesman loops". Save space, make transportation easier or use them to group outfits by character, scene or set on films and theatrical productions.

How to Save Space with Hangers using Steel Diaper Pin Rods and Salesman Loop Hangers

The purpose of these and hangers with salesman loops is to save space and allow you to put more in your wardrobe. Clothes have a tendency to spread out when many hangers are placed together. This will pull them all close together, giving you more room on one wardrobe rack.

1. Make sure all of your chrome hangers are oriented the same direction, with the salesman loops all in a line

2. Feed the diaper pin rod through all of the loops in a row and clamp it on the other end

3. That's it! Enjoy all the space you are saving!

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