Stick On Foam Pads For Hangers - Charcoal - 100 count

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This 100 count roll of 3/8" x 4" Non Stick Hanger Pads will prevent light weight fabrics and delicate clothes from slipping off their hangers. Simply peel and stick to your hanger.

Putting the Non Stick Foam Pads on the hangers is incredibly easy, just peel them off the roll and stick on.

The pads almost never wear down, they are a great way to hang delicates, silky items, or anything with a tendency to fall off the hanger.

1. Prepare the foam pad to be attached to the hanger by exposing the adhesive side

2. Press one end of the hanger pad onto the extremity of the hanger, and slowly roll your finger along the pad and up the side of the hanger until the whole pad has been secured to the hanger

3. Run your finger along the hanger once more to make sure any bubbles or bumps in the hanger pads are gone

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