Tarrago Color Dye

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  • The basics

    Tarrago Leather Dye is a water-based dye, combined with a soapy liquid that prepares the leather before applying the dye.

  • The benefits

    Fast drying. Self shine finish. Suitable for leather, canvas and synthetic leather. 

  • The uses

    Dye changes the color even from black to white, repairing scuffs and scratches.

  • The bottom line

    Each package comes with: 0.8oz. 25ml bottle of dye, 0.8oz. 25ml bottle of preparer, Applicator sponge, Applicator brush. Full instructions included.

For a proper preparation, apply the Tarrago Preparer with a used green scouring pad similar to the one found on a Scotch Brite in order to remove the dirt, shoe creams and protectors on the leather which would prevent proper application of the dye.

Stir the bottom of the bottle of dye with a paintbrush until the dye is an even color With the paintbrush, apply the dye to the crease between the sole and the leather, any stitches, scratches or detail work on the shoe.

Apply one or two brushstrokes on the end of the sponge Rub gently and in a circular motion across the entire surface, reapplying a single brushstroke of dye if necessary.

Touch-up any uneven areas by gently rubbing an un-dyed corner of the sponge over them to even out the surface Once the first coat is dry, apply a second coat in the same manner as the first. This will help even up the surface color of the dye.

A third coat may be necessary for deeper colors.

Each package comes with 1 0.8oz. bttle of dye, 1 0.8 oz. bottle of preparer, and applicator sponge.

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