Hercules Clips-Black

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Stop losing ties, gloves, socks and hats, use a Hercules Clips to keep them together and keep them handy. Use it to keep accessories close to their matching outfits, to display items on a clothing rack, or just to stay organized.

These strong, well-constructed, chrome plated clips feature a low profile, rectangular, polished chrome clip lined with a protective cushion.

Not just for your closet, use Hercules clips to display a rack of fabric swatches or anything that can hang but needs a strong clip. They're not called "Hercules" clips for nothing, these clips are super strong, but won't harm your clothes. They have a cushion on the inside, meaning they won't punch holes in your delicate clothes.

**Available individually as well as in 50 and 100 count packages**

How to Use Hercules Clips

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