Non-Slip Vinyl Hanger Attachments Clear - 100 count

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Non slip vinyl hanger attachments stop clothes from falling off the hanger. These inexpensive hanger covers slip on easily, stay in place and keep delicate, silky or lightweight clothes on the hanger.

Avoid using hanger clips on your delicate clothes- they can leave marks or even damage your clothes- those are more appropriate for heavy items like pants and skirts.

How to Use Non Slip Vinyl Hanger Attachments¶--------------------------------------------¶1. Notice that the hanger attachments feature a closed loop on one end and a clamp-like construction on the other¶2. Pass the hooks on the hanger through the closed loops of these attachments and then clamp them onto the ends of the hanger¶3. Repeat for both sides so now you have a non slip grip on both ends of the hanger.
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