Piggyback Connectors

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Need to keep your two-piece wardrobe together but don't have a hanger that will let you do it? This is very common with many plastic hangers that don't have a bar across the bottom for draping pants, but that's not the only case. Often times (especially with wire hangers) the bottom bar is too weak or flimsy to hold up much without bending or sagging, and so two hangers need to be used.

Piggyback connectors are incredibly easy to use and are guaranteed to make your wardrobe more organized.

**50 connectors per package**

How to Use Piggyback Connectors¶------------------------------¶1. Feed the hook of the top hanger through the top loop of the piggyback connector¶2. Feed the hook of the bottom hanger through the bottom loop of the piggyback connector¶¶Note* This is much easier to do if the piggyback connectors are put into place after the hangers have already been loaded up with clothes. Trying to put clothes on after attaching the hangers can cause them to come apart and can be frustrating.

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